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Haiku R1B1 has been released

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Haiku has now released the long awaited R1 Beta1. This is a major milestone on the road to R1. A lot has happened with Haiku since the last release in 2012. PackageManagement, Google’s Code In contests, lots of bug fixes. Lots of activity at HaikuPorts. With the addition of Qt, and more porting work, there is now a working version of LibreOffice on Haiku. There’s also been work going on at Haiku Archives bringing old apps up to date and adding a few new ones as well. If you’ve been thinking of trying Haiku again, now is a perfect time to give it a try out.


Bep file project

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As I hinted in a few places over the past week, I’m looking to start a project to get as many of the open source programs/libraries that are up on Haikuware (and elsewhere) to have a matching .bep file for them on Haikuports. This is a big project, but can be done faster if more people get involved with it. If you are a developer who has posted stuff on Haikuware, or just interested in helping out, we can guide you on how to make a bep so that Haikuporter can automate the rebuilding of the package(s). With the move towards Haiku’s new package manager, it would be helpful to have many of these in place so for that transition.



Haiku R1Alpha4.1

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Haiku recently released there 4th Alpha on the road to R1, this one was Haiku R1Alpha4, quickly followed up a couple days later by 4.1 to fix a couple issues that affected some users. This latest release has proven to be quite stable and is getting decent reviews in the press. So if it’s been awhile since you’ve fired up BeOS or Haiku, maybe now is a good time to download a copy and fire it up. This new release contains nearly a year and a half of bug fixes and improvements to the system.


Haiku R1 Alpha3 is now released

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It took a bit longer than expected, but Haiku R1 Alpha3 has now been released. To see what’s new and improved in R1 Alpha 3 had on over and read the R1 Alpha3 release notes
To download, you can grab it from a mirror, or you can donate over $10US and get a Commemorative CD. Congrats to all who helped make this happen.


Haiku getting ready for Alpha3

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There is talk again on the haiku-dev mailing list about a possible Alpha3 release soon. Things we can expect to see in the upcoming release are some of the things that were worked on by Google Code In students, such as better support for more languages, a couple new screensavers, improved (optional) SDL libraries, etc. Also there’s been a ton of work done since the Alpha2 release which was in May 2010, including improvement in wireless support and the mediaplayer, among other things.
This will also be the first release since GSoC 2010, which brought us IPv6, Improvement to the Layout Manager, etc.

So keep an eye out for the new target date and test out the nightly builds until then, reporting issues if you find any.


Learn Haiku Programming

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The first book about Haiku is now available. ‘Learning to Program with Haiku‘ by long time community member Jon Yoder (aka Darkwyrm) is now available. The book is modestly priced at $25 and is aimed at beginning programmers working on Haiku. A copy will be purchased and reviewed by BeGroovy in the near future.


Haiku releases their second Alpha, on the way to R1.

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With this latest Alpha, Haiku now has introduced basic WiFi support with WEP encryption, and a spiffy new web browser based on WebKit called Web Positive. It also sports many more bug fixes and other improvements over Alpha1 which was released September 14th, 2009. There’s also the new locale kit which allows localization/translation. For those who had issues with USB mass storage performance, you’ll be happy to see this is working much better in this new release. So what are you waiting for, head over and Get Haiku now.


Haiku gets 7 students for Google Summer of Code 2010

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Google announced today the accepted students for Google Summer of Code 2010. Haiku gets 7 students this year. This is Haiku’s 4th year in the GSoC, in 2007 they had 8 students, in 2008 they had 5 students and in 2009 they had 6 students. Among this years projects are x86-64 support, IPv6, Media Player/ Media Kit improvements, LKL-Haiku-FSD, Network Services Kit, improved EXT3 File System support and Taking the new Haiku Layout Management API public. Let’s join in welcoming this year’s selected students.

Lucian Adrian: lkl-haiku-fsd: Haiku file system drivers for any Linux supported file system
Atis Elsts: IPv6 implementation for Haiku
Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho: Implement ext3 support for Haiku
Christopher Humphries: Media Player, media kits improvements
Christophe Huriaux: Creating Services Kit core elements
Nathan Mentley: x86_64 port
Alex Wilson: Taking the Haiku Layout API public

Here’s a Blog posting from BGA about his recent Google summer of Code, and Haiku talks at SCaLE8x.


Money Well Spent

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Two weeks ago the Haiku Project mentioned that they were hiring developers to get things done on Haiku.  Their first hire was Stippi and he said he wanted to work on the Webkit port and the native web browser for Haiku.  Stippi has given us an update and how far he has gotten with WebPositive and it is amazing. At the moment, we have a working web browser.  As Stippi continues to work on it, we will have a fully functional, modern web browser for the OS we just can’t get enough of.


The Google Summer Of Code Is Here!

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Now is the time for all good coding students to make some money for what you enjoy doing.  Everything you need to know is over on the Haiku website, on this page in particular.  Whether you are interested in being a mentor or a student, it is a great opportunity to help Haiku reach that elusive Beta and R1 and beyond.


The Right Time For Tablets?

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Apple obviously knows how to generate a lot of buzz. This time everyone believes it will be a tablet type device and Apple unveils. Companies have tried tablets before. Heck there was a sweet tablet that ran BeIA 10 years ago. Have times or technology changed to make tablets more viable? Does Apple have the power to make its own markets where there are none? Would you want to run Haiku on a tablet type device? Just curious.


Expired – Renewed

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Sorry about the outage the past few days… the domain expired and I was out of town on business and unable to do anything about it until my return. As promised when people donated, we were good for 3 years, and 2 of those remain. I had forgotten to renew the domain name for the full 3 years then (at my expense, not donators), and it lapsed. All fixed now. 🙂


Wanna Work With WebKit

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Maxime Simon (the GSoC student that worked on the WebKit port with Ryan Leavengood) has put up a blog entry that describes how to build the WebKit on Haiku. For those adventurous enough to try this, you can find Maxime’s post here. Remember, this solid WebKit port is the foundation that Haiku needs to build a native web browser.


What Happened at BeGeistert 2009?

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You know you want to know and MMU_Man did an excellent write up of the event.  Head over to here to read all about it and plan to get out to the next BeGeistert in the Spring of 2010.


Haiku gains “Stack and Tile” interface

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We saw the videos from the University of Aukland, and then got to try out the patches, but now the Stack and Tile code has been added to Haiku as of r33814. It allows you to stack any window onto another window or windows, or you can tile windows into groups, or do both at the same time. It may still be a bit buggy, but now that it is in the tree, it can more easily be worked on and debugged. As always if you find any bugs that aren’t already reported, be sure to file a new trac ticket for them. After using these new features you may just wonder how you managed without them. If you like having tabs in your browser, imagine having windows stacked that you can tab between.


Haiku Showing Off in Florida

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This past weekend Ryan Leavengood took the time to represent Haiku and the Haiku Community at the Florida Linux Show.  You can read his blog post here.  Not only did he do a great job of getting the Haiku word out, he also has some great “what to do to have a better conference experience” tips.  Thanks for taking the time to evangelize Haiku Ryan!


Darkwyrm Manning The Table

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Ohio Linux Fest was this past weekend and Haiku was represented by none other than long time community member Darkwyrm.  Everything went well and you can read about all the antics in his blog post.  With the alpha release, it appears that Haiku is beginning to gain some traction in the world!


Haiku Podcast #18

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Haiku Podcast #18 is now available for you viewing pleasure.  This podcast features 55 minutes of Haiku information brought to you by Urias McCullough and Matt Madia, TheNerd and Sikosis.  Head on over to and enjoy the great work they have put together.


Haiku R1 Alpha1 is now out!

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After many years of development, there is now a first alpha release of Haiku. This release is mostly aimed at developers, but many will be checking it out to see just how far the project has come. So head on over to and grab your copy, burn it to CD and mark it with September 14th, 2009. Give it a try out and come back and post your comments in our forums here. Congrats to all who were involved in making this possible, from those early developers who kicked off the project, to the ones who’ve just joined recently and everyone in between, and all the non-developers who’ve also pitched in to help out where they can. They have also done a refresh on the web site and it looks great.
Be sure to read the Welcome link on the desktop, lots of good info in there.


Haiku Alpha1 just days away

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Work on Haiku has been progressing at a fast pace this past few weeks. They did a feature freeze on August 23rd and have been working on bug fixes since then. There’s been some minor features added mostly to improve the live CD experience. That’s right, there will be an .iso and it can be used either as a LiveCD or as a Haiku install CD. There’s been daily alpha builds and tons of fixes and a handful of regressions. There’s also many testers in the mix checking each day and reporting back their findings, with many of the regressions being fixed that same day. Most of the OptionalPackages have now been rebuilt/refreshed, with only a few of those remaining to be done. It still looks like they are on track for the projected September 14th release.

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