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The Be Haiku Generator

Unforseen error
Your BeBoxen Bites its' tail
A resource deadlock!

The Icon Tarot

The Icon Tarot Welcome to the Icon Tarot. The answers you seek are written in pixels within you. Icon Tarot will guide you to them. For more information on the origin of Icon Tarot, read this story.

Daily Forecast - Find out what your day will be like. Consider what each of the cards might mean individually, and what they might mean in relation to one another. Ask a friend for their interpretation. Be sure to come back for a new reading every day - more useful than the weather or traffic report.

Far Seeing Outlook - To find out what is on the horizon for you in general, or about a specific topic, consult this reading. The center card is the Big Hint. The side cards will reveal more details about the Big Hint.

Quick Peek - To peek at what is aroud the corner, or to help you make a quick decision (yes/no questions work best).

Testimonials - Have these readings changed your life? Or at least been interesting in some sort of way? Then comment!


  • Icon Tarot meanings are open to your own interpretations.

  • Cards that appear over several forecasts may have special significance.

  • Cards drawn in the same forecast that appear to conflict with each other may in fact reinforce each other.

Disclaimer: C'mon people - Be Dope (and BeGroovy) are obviously not responsible for anything that happens in your life as a result of consulting the Icon Tarot. It pains me to actually have to write this.

The Be Haiku Generator

To contribute, compose a haiku somehow related to Be (Haiku-OS, BeOS, BeIA, Zeta, Be Dope, JLG, etc.) and send it to BeGroovy. Enjoy!

Haiku file last updated: 26 July, 2000
Note: I didn’t write most of these, so if you have a problem with any of them, don’t complain to me. It’s just haiku. It’s not going to hurt anybody.

Download the haiku collection in a .sig friendly format

The Be Haiku Generator originated with a contest at Be Dope, the infamous BeOS humor site. It was given to BeGroovy upon Be Dope’s retirement, and we are proud to maintain it. Thanks to Mike Popovic of Be Dope for building such a fun toy.

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Random Haiku:

See Blue Screen of Death
Cannot surf internet now
Should use Be instead.

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